Meditation for All Project

The “Meditation for All Project” started more than four years ago, on April 18th, 2015, and the main ideia born from the motivation to take meditation to public places, establishing a closer connection with all people and communicating that its practice and benefit can be reached by everyone of us wherever we are.

We are having a break. There were 230 meetings on Saturdays for approximately four and a half years. We are restructuring the project so that it expands and can benefit more people. We are looking for support and sponsors.

It has been a very positive and amazing experience that only grows. The meetings happen at the Imperial Museum of Petropolis, city close to Rio de Jeneiro / Brazil, every saturday morning (10am). The proposal is to be an open and heterogeneous meeting group and so far a varied public has attended: children, young people and adults of all ages, religions and no religion, gender, even people from cities around Petrópolis come to join the group, meditate together and learn more about the meditation pratice, Buddhism and life paths. Each saturday meeting counts, on average, with 100/150 participants.

The “Meditation for All Project” runs upon three major pillars: Vision, Meditation, Action. And the schedule developed during almost 5 years is as explained below:
1-Quiet silent meditation
2-Talk upon some theme related to world vision, meditation and lucid action.
3-Explanation of the practice Meditation.
4- Love Meditation (by Buddha, Buddhagosha (adapted from the Visuddhimagga), current adaptation by Thich Nhat Hanh)
4- Shamatha Meditation,
5-Mettabhavana Meditation,
6-Loving-kindness Meditation.
7- Announcements
8-Closing with Dedication of Merit, The Four Dharmas of Gampopa, The Four Imensurables, Barched Lamsel and Prayer for the Padmasambhava tradition flourish

This schedule is very flexible and democratic: everyone can come and go at any time and the program lasts around 1:30. It is not necessary to have previous experience with meditation once the practices are conducted and it is not necessary to sign up neither.

Only the inner effort and development of each individual will result in a more loving and free society. The sense of happiness or unhappiness does not arise, as often as we believe, from what happens externally, but indeed from the meaning we give to what happens externally. External and Internal  worlds are inseparable and the way we walk through them is consequence of this strong and unique relationship between in and out. If the inside world is all about disturbing landscapes, inevitably the life that will appear externally will be uncomfortable. Our vision determines what we see. The culture of peace will only be achievable if we are emotionally balanced, lighter and less impulsive in our responses to the everyday events of our lives.

According to a secular ethic, the sustainability concept – “Local action with global thinking”.

“I believe that at all levels of society – family, social, national and international – the key to a happier and more successful world is the growth of compassion. We do not need to become religious, nor do we need to believe in an ideology. All that is necessary for each of us is to develop our good human qualities.” (Dalai Lama)

The “Meditation for All Project” was designed and it is driven by Miguel Berredo.
3 year meeting – April 21st, 2018

1 year meeting

foto: Patricia Seixas